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    I’m Pregnant

    I’m Pregnant

    If you're facing an unintended pregnancy or have recently given birth, we're here for you with free and confidential all-options counseling, resources, and support. Call our pregnancy counselors 24/7 at 800-439-0233.

    I Want to Adopt

    I Want to Adopt

    Browse our network of adoption services including infant and foster care adoption, home studies, and post-adoption support.

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    I Need Post-Adoption Support

    Explore our network of services including specialized counseling and support groups that help to stabilize and improve behavioral health symptoms.

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Looking for Adoptions Together or FamilyWorks Together? New name, same us. Here’s why!

Will and Estate Planning

Leave a legacy with Paths for Families! Your contributions ensure the sustainability of our organization and allow us to continue to grow and expand our impact in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

What can you donate to Paths for Families in your will?

  • Many people choose to leave money to a charity in their will, but you can give any of your assets to a nonprofit. This includes:
    • Financial assets, like cash, stocks, and bonds
    • Real estate (you can even donate your house to charity!)
    • Personal property, like your vehicle, jewelry, or artwork
    • You can also name a charity as the beneficiary of a non-probate asset, like your life insurance policy, retirement account, or IRA

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How do you donate to Paths for Families in your will?

  1. Decide what you want to leave for Paths for Families. Here are a few options:
    • Name Paths for Families as the primary beneficiary for a specific gift, such as a certain amount of money or stock.
    • Allocate a percentage of your total estate to Paths for Families. Many people choose to leave 10% of their estate to a cause that’s close to their heart.
  2. Name Paths for Families as a beneficiary in your will. To identify the charity, it’s helpful if you list the organization’s:
    • Full name:
      • Paths for Families
    • Street address:
      • 4061 Powder Mill Road, Suite 320
        Calverton, MD 20705
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN). This is a unique number issued by the IRS to a business entity. Including a charity’s EIN makes it clear exactly which charity you’re donating to. This is helpful in case multiple charities exist with the same name.
      • Paths for Families EIN is 52-1703994.
  3. Decide what kind of beneficiary you want Paths for Families to be:
    • Primary Beneficiary: Paths for Families will receive whatever assets you assign to them — for example, a cash gift.
    • Secondary Beneficiary: If your primary beneficiary passes away before you, your estate would go to the next beneficiary in line — in this case, Paths for Families.
    • Residuary Beneficiary: Paths for Families will receive any assets that you didn’t specifically name a beneficiary for in your will.
  4. Let Paths for Families know about your gift.
    • We want to thank you for your support and generosity!

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Why should you consider donating to Paths for Families in your will?

  • It costs you nothing now. For most people, a gift in their will is the largest donation they’ll ever make. This gift will have a significant impact on Paths for Families without putting any financial stress on you during your lifetime.
  • You create a legacy that lasts beyond your lifetime. None of us will live forever. But, by donating part of your estate to Paths for Families, you can continue making an impact long after you’re gone.

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