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    I’m Pregnant

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    I Want to Adopt

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    I Need Post-Adoption Support

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I Want to Adopt

Domestic Infant Program Placement Fee Information

The program deposit is due at the time you enter the placement program. The placement fee is due at the time a child is placed with you. All fees are based on a sliding scale according to your gross annual income. If you are self-employed, the sliding scale is based on your net worth. These fees are in addition to the fees for home study and training.

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Income-Based Sliding-Scale Placement Fees

Subject to change. Last updated August, 2023.

Gross Income Program Deposit Due at Placement Total Program Cost
Less than $69,999 $5,880 $10,920 $16,800
$70,000-$89,999 $6,980 $12,970 $19,950
$90,000-$119,999 $8,085 $15,015 $23,100
$120,000-$149,999 $9,180 $17,070 $26,250
$150,000-$179,999 $9,920 $18,430 $28,350
$180,000-$209,999 $10,660 $19,970 $30,450
$210,000-$239,999 $11,390 $21,160 $32,550
$240,000+ $12,130 $22,520 $34,650

Domestic Infant Program Additional Fees at Placement

  • Medical Expense Fee: $2,000
    • Covers allowable healthcare and living expenses for birth parents prenatally, through birth, and shortly thereafter.
  • Post-Placement Reports: $375 each
    • Three reports required if completed by Adoptions Together. Additional reports may be required.
  • Guardianship Expense Fee: $2,000
    • Covers cost of searching for missing parents, court costs, publication, and legal expense.

Domestic Infant Program Potential Fees After Placement

  • Legal Counsel for Birth Parents: $500-1,500
    • Legal fees for families matched with a minor birth parent or birth parent who requests counsel. Approximate range; does not cap at $1,500.
  • Final Petition for Adoption : $500-1,500
    • Covered by adoptive parents or their attorney. VA costs include filing and adoption disclosure.
  • Interim Care Services: $100/day
    • Interim care services are delivered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Maryland Finalization with Agency Assistance: $250
    • Legal fee for families who are eligible to finalize in Maryland and work with the Domestic Infant Program to complete their petition for adoption.

Domestic Infant Fees Refund Policy

The program deposit is nonrefundable.

The placement fee is refundable if the placement is disrupted by the birth parent or Adoptions Together prior to finalization of the adoption.

Fees paid for interim care services are refundable if the placement is disrupted prior to finalization of the adoption, unless the placement is disrupted by the adoptive parents.

Fees paid for birth parent medical and living expenses are refundable if the placement is disrupted prior to finalization of the adoption, unless the placement is disrupted by the adoptive parents.

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