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    I’m Pregnant

    I’m Pregnant

    If you're facing an unintended pregnancy or have recently given birth, we're here for you with free and confidential all-options counseling, resources, and support. Connect with our pregnancy counselors 24/7 via call or text at 800-439-0233.

    I Want to Adopt

    I Want to Adopt

    Browse our network of adoption services including infant and foster care adoption, home studies, and post-adoption support.

    I Need Post-Adoption Support

    I Need Post-Adoption Support

    Explore our network of services including specialized counseling and support groups that help to stabilize and improve behavioral health symptoms.

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Looking for Adoptions Together or FamilyWorks Together? New name, same us. Here’s why!

I Need Post-Adoption Support

Adopting a Toddler: Easing the Transition

Post-Adoption Parenting Training • Webinar • $25 • 1.5 hours

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Two parents play on a soccer field with their toddler

Adopting a Toddler: Easing the Transition and Connecting With Your Child

Learn about the joys and challenges adopting a toddler will bring to your growing family. This webinar is appropriate for international and domestic adoption as the bulk of the information focuses on connection and bonding with your child. Adopting a toddler comes with a unique set of joys and challenges. The focus of this webinar is to address potential issues related to toddler adoption. You will be provided with tools to ease your child’s transition and suggestions on how to create a strong bond and attachment within your new family. The webinar includes tools for communicating with toddlers that do not yet understand English, working towards connection in the first days and weeks of placement, and guidance to help address common challenges of children who have experienced unstable environments.

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