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MarylandFoster Care Adoption Waiting Families Approved for 1-2 Caucasian Male Children • Ages 5-12

Waiting Family for Foster Care Adoption, Bobby

Hello! My name is Bobby, and I’ve wanted to become a parent through foster care adoption for as long as I can remember. Now, I am financially, personally, and professionally set, and am ready to welcome a child into my home and provide him with the love, affection, support, and guidance that he needs and deserves.

I’m an elementary school teacher at the same school I attended as a child because of its high academic standards, superb community involvement, and its safe and warm surrounding neighborhoods. I intentionally bought a home which was zoned to the school I teach at so I would have flexibility to respond to my child’s needs in real time as well as to coordinate his extracurricular activities.

My home backs to greenspace where the neighborhood kids run around and play soccer. I love sports and played football in high school and would love to run routes and throw the football with my child. The recreation room is well equipped for my child to have friends over for playdates.

As a teacher, I have the knowledge of how anxiety, depression, ADHD, dyscalculia, and placements in foster care impact children academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. I can provide support and know whom to contact should my child require support that I cannot provide.

I am lucky to have a wonderful network of family and friends. As direct neighbors, I have two former students and their families who I have remained close with. They can’t wait to babysit! Additionally, my amazing parents live just a three-minute drive away and cannot wait to welcome their first grandchild into the family. My sister is also thrilled to have her first nephew and only lives 15 minutes away. When my child peeks his head on stage or cranes his neck to the sidelines, he’ll see the faces of so many people who love him, support him, and wish the best for him each and every day.

I value lifelong learning. I lived abroad for four years and have visited more than 30 countries. I can’t wait to take my child on vacation with me! One of my favorite days of the year is Passport DC where the public can visit embassies, try foods, and learn about different cultures. If my child is from a culture that is different from mine, I will rely on my extensive network to make sure that the child has positive role models who resemble him. I’d also like to learn from my child. What holidays does he celebrate and how can I best ensure that my child’s biological family’s culture is maintained and supported?

I so look forward to taking my child to sporting events, plays, and festivals. We’ll be sure to have some downtime too where we’ll relax and eat family dinner together. Every night, I’ll read my child a story before tucking him in for the night. Thank you again for taking the time to learn about me. I look forward to being a forever family for a child that needs permanency, safety, and unconditional love.

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