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Marty and Miki

MarylandFoster Care Adoption Waiting Families Approved for 1 Child • Any Gender • Any Race • Ages 7-14

Waiting Family for Foster Care Adoption, Marty & Miki

Hello everyone! We’re happy and grateful to see that you are considering our family of 5 as a new home for your child. We are a happy, relaxed family who live in a good and diverse neighborhood with great schools, plenty of activities to do, and lots of other children to play with.

Our family consists of Marty and Miki – both scientists at the National Institutes of Health (best “take your child to work day” place ever), “N” – a very friendly 13 year old girl who gets along well with kids of all ages, and Scott and Hillary (the dogs) who love laps and licking. Miki is a detail oriented, outgoing person who loves to organize activities, parties, and holiday vacations. Marty is a quiet introvert who calms everybody during the chaos and stresses of life. He is also playful and all of N’s friends were drawn to him when they were little. He always found himself playing tag or hide and seek at the playground or shark in the pool. We are both involved parents at school and after school activities. We love participating in N’s extracurricular activities such as cheering at basketball games, working concessions at swim meets, and going to band concerts. Marty is from Chicago while Miki is originally from Israel so in our home we celebrate the Jewish holidays, the US holidays, and some of the Christian holidays. N loves it because she can get gifts from two or more sets of traditions. The rest of us love it because it helps us understand and appreciate our own traditions better.

We are also excited to incorporate the traditions of a child who will become part of our family.

We live in Montgomery County MD which is well known for their investment in education. They have some of the best and most diverse public schools in the USA that meet every child’s needs. Our city,

Rockville, MD, is extremely kid friendly and has diverse activities to meet every extracurricular interest, such as sports leagues, science clubs, arts etc. As a family we love to take advantage of our great area such as walking to the movies and ice cream parlor in the town center. At home we love watching movies and playing board games. When we have a long weekend, we like going camping and canoeing or kayaking with friends. We hope you’ve got an insight to our family and now know that the child entrusted with us will gain a loving family that will be there for him/her forever.

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