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Melissa and Adrian

MarylandFoster Care Adoption Waiting Families Approved for 1 Black Female • Ages 3-9

Waiting Family for Foster Care Adoption, Melissa & Adrian

Welcome to our world! We are looking forward to adding a new family member in the very near future. In our home we put God first because we know that with his help, everything always turns out right. Adrian and Melissa have been married for 15 years and have always planned to enjoy life with children. Adrian takes pride in working hard to keep everything running smoothly and creating opportunities for happy times. Melissa enjoys taking care of her family and their home and understands the importance of being a great wife and mom who supports her family’s needs.

Our daughter is a nine year old shining light who loves her family, dance, swimming and time with friends. We can’t wait to make another little girl understand that as her parents we will always be there to support her dreams and try our best to help her become the best that she can be. We have chosen to adopt from foster care for a few reasons but the one that sits at the top of the list is that we know there are so many children who would love to be a part of a loving and caring family and because we can provide that to a little girl, we look forward to the chance to do so.

Both Adrian and Melissa come from families that understand and support adoption. We have immediate and extended family members who have either been adopted or are very close to someone who has experienced it – in our homes, family is family – no matter how they become that way. All of us are looking forward to welcoming a new family member into our family very soon – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends are all looking forward to the day when our family of three becomes a family of four.

Our family loves to take trips to visit extended family members all over the United States and overseas (when we can). In addition to traveling, we love to spend time outdoors riding bikes, taking walks and exploring our great neighborhood in Silver Spring, Maryland (and beyond). We live within walking distance of the neighborhood elementary school and are close to the middle and high schools as well – in fact, we chose to buy our home in this neighborhood because of the reputations of the schools in the area. The added bonus of our neighborhood is the fact that there are lots of children close by, our street is full of children playing almost year round!

During the summer we love to travel, find creative outdoor activities at home and in the community, and we spend time at the neighborhood pool.

Adrian loves playing and watching sports, especially football, and tries very hard to get us to root for his Philadelphia Eagles! We can’t wait to begin our new adventure together with our new little girl. Thank you for considering us and we can’t wait to meet our new addition.

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