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Washington, DCFoster Care Adoption Waiting Families Approved for 1 Male Child • Any Race • Ages 4-12

Waiting Family for Foster Care Adoption, Taylor

Hi! I’m Dr. Taylor and adopting has always been my calling, since young adulthood. Through volunteering and past jobs, I’ve cared for and successfully connected with several children during my lifetime who have been emotionally traumatized or experienced some form of abuse through various life experiences. I have worked as a daycare worker, did substitute teaching at a local elementary school, and was a mentor for the Big Brother’s Big Sisters program. In my professional career as a food & nutrition scientist, I am currently working on the largest infant malnutrition study examining how early nutrition can help overcome suboptimal brain development during the first year of life.

I’m a big kid that comes out covered in dust and dirt from running through the corn maze, going down giant slides, crawling through straw tunnels, and riding hayrides through the pumpkin patch with my best friend’s 4-year-old boy. My personality is outgoing but structured with the ability to set boundaries, empathetic but persistent towards making forward progression, nurturing but adaptive in establishing an intimate relationship. I always try to go into things with a sense of humor and operate in an open transparent manner, seeking help from friends and professionals with a different experiences and backgrounds. I find that sharing positive experiences together helps foster an intimate connection and very much look forward to going down every waterslide Disney has to offer and discovering the Great Pyramids of Egypt with my future child. At the same time, I’m a total science nerd and plan to be very hands on and a “partner in crime” when it comes to ensuring my child has the best educational experience and social upbringing, thanks to the flexibility of my job.

To me, one of the great things about being an openly gay man is having the unique ability to parent a child from the LGBTQ+ community and understand its nuances. I have had some very incredible role models in my life that have helped steer me in the right direction, to whom I strive to model myself going into this next chapter of life. I try to constantly surround myself with those who bring love and positivity into my life. Interpersonal relationships are in many ways like food and nutrition. You are what you eat. You will see that although my current “family” is not one in a traditional sense, it is immensely strong, loving, and supportive.

I live in a large 2 bedroom townhome in downtown Washington, DC, which serves as a wonderfully diverse and educational place to raise a child, with historical landmarks, museums, theaters, zoos, parks, aquariums, rivers, and beaches, close by. There are cultural festivals all year round. I am looking forward to seeing the world through the eyes of my child.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me. I hope you will consider my interest and look forward to this incredible journey forward.

Have a wonderful day!

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